About Us

Meet the team behind the app

We’re Saima and Cate. We’ve loved working in the NI wedding industry through our company Quirky Weddings, since 2010.

We run two large wedding fairs per year, and pre-pandemic also published an annual wedding directory.

We came into the industry at a really exciting time. Believe it or not, before that all weddings used to be quite similar.  We came into the industry at a time when people wanted to inject their own personality into their wedding. Through Quirky Weddings we were able to introduce them to companies that were able to bring their ideas to life.

In recent years we’ve noticed how trends have changed in the wedding market, mostly in how couples choose to research, plan and book their wedding. Social media, in particular Instagram and TikTok, have taught us to expect a flurry of ideas in one place in a very short space of time.

Changes in tech in other industries have made it easier and much more convenient to order takeaways, book flights and book getaway accommodation.

It’s time for the wedding industry to catch up. At the moment wedding planning is too scattered. Information is all over the place. This is why we’ve come up with Wedplnr. It’ll help you find and communicate with all your wedding vendors in one place.